Angelo (originally called Kukule in the Japanese version) is one of the four playable characters of the PS2 game Dragon Quest VIII. Like the other characters, we learn more about his past through several short cutscenes, eventually piecing together his story.

Though Angelo is of noble blood, he is an orphan; his father was a womanizer and worse, a gambler. After his father's death, the house and all its contents were seized in order to pay old gambling debts, and young Angelo was left with nothing. He fled to nearby Maella Abbey with his few remaining possessions and met a young man who was kind to him - until he learned Angelo's name. It turned out that the boy was Angelo's half brother, Marcello, who had been thrown out of the house when the legitimate heir - Angelo - was born.

Eventually, both became templar knights, and while Marcello struggled to prove his worth, Angelo did just the opposite, often sneaking out of the abbey to go drinking or play cards at a nearby pub. And while he seemed unfazed by his brother's undisguised disgust, some part of him truly did care about Marcello's ambitions and dreams, despite the methods he used to reach them...

And the rest would be spoilers, so I'll zip it for now!

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